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PALAPA-D and PALAPA-C2 Satellites are powerful satellites carrying standard C-Band and Ku-Band transponders, suitable and cost effective for voice, data, as well as video transmission and distribution. This powerful resource and its on-station keeping measures enable the use of smaller size of ground station dishes / terminals ensuring more efficient solutions.

Controlled by highly skilled engineers at Earth Station located at Daan Mogot, West Jakarta; and Jatiluhur, West Java; working in 7 x 24 hours ensures the highest quality of services and customer support. The station is built to cunduct daily satellite operations, traffic ( RF and video ) monitoring and measurements, as well as controlling access of customer to the satellite and customer support center.


PALAPA-D Characteristic

Palapa-D has a high power geostationary satellite at orbital location at 113oEL and it covers Indonesia, Asia Pasific, and Australia.

24 Standard C-Band Transponders
EIRP Level of 45dBW at peak, with switchable beam, gives you flexibility and competitive advantages, that allow you to switch the coverage your desired locationin the Asia-Pasific Region

11 Extended C-Band Transponders
EIRP Level of 43.6dBW at peak, gives you flexibility and competitive advantages, to serve ASEAN countries

5 Ku-Band Transponders
EIRP Level of 53.9dBW at peak, beam covering Indonesia Archipelago


Spacecraft Type : Spacebus 4000B3    
Orbital Location : 113oEL    
Station Keeping Box (Degrees) : ± 0.01    
Standard C-BAND
Extended C-BAND
Number Of Transponders :  24 ( see Frequency Plan )  11 ( see Frequency Plan )  5 ( see Frequency Plan )
Bandwidth Per Transponder :  36 MHz  36 MHz  36 MHz
Frequency Range :  Up : 5945 - 6405 MHz  Up : 6445 - 6625 GHz  Up : 14298 - 14458 MHz
  :  Down: 3720 - 4180 MHz  Down:3420 - 3600 GHz  Down: 12550 - 12710 MHz
Up / Down Frequency Conversion :  2225 MHz  3025 MHz  1748 MHz
Typical EIRP @ Peak :  45 dBW  43.6 dBW  53.9 dBW
Application :  Voice - Data - Video Transmission